Ahimsa & Aparigraha

Non Violence and Non Hoarding


Ahimsa and Aparigraha

These two yamas have been driving me as of late. I have been working to shift my mindset in these two because I feel I struggle the most with holding onto thoughts, which ultimately lead to self- harm. This past Wednesday night I went to a lecture on the yamas and niyamas and have been inspired to target specific areas so that I can grow and move closet to bliss (isn’t that the dream?).

While driving to work this morning I heard this amazing story of using yoga in Kenya to bring peace to those who have encountered violence through social struggles. Check out this amazing story: http://www.npr.org/2013/04/12/177004536/yoga-project-changes-lives-in-nairobis-slums

Happy Friday!

Tapas: The Fire Within

I am drained. I am fading. I am tired.

Genius at work?

Genius at work?

Between my business, work, yoga school, yoga class, and moving prep I am beat. I am working about 18 hours a day and am sleeping 5 hours. I am still inspired but am so tired that I sometimes can’t harness that postivity. On top of it all this weather is not helping. I am yearning sunshine and warmth. Spring is so close yet oh so far.

This past Saturday our yoga instructor themed our class around the niyama Tapas. Tapas is an inward practice that focuses on breath. It also represents the enthusiasm from within to preserve  As she guided us through our practice she consistently brought the idea of tapas and physical practice into the flow. While in a pose (I can’t recall which pose)  she made a point that I have been thinking about quite a bit.

She said (this is paraphrasing): ” We must keep our eyes on the end result. When things are tough it is hard to remember how great it feels when we feel success in “the pose.” It is the discipline we exercise when we feel challenged that will allow us to reach that end result.”

When we exercise discipline to preserve rather than give in, the end result is so much more rewarding. I need to consistently remind myself of this.

I have been eating healthy recently but I feel like my portion size has been a bit out of hand and I have indulged in a bit of sugary candy. I am not proud of this and am uncomfortable admitting it.  Its easy to make excuses and give in because of all of the exterior factors. I must remember how wonderful my body feels when it is not polluted with junk. It is hard to remember that feeling when presented with the opportunity to indulge.  I must exercise tapas and remember the end result. This will not only help my body but it will also help my yoga practice.

I am committing to giving up processed food until the end of April. I am taking on this challenge so that I hold myself accountable when confronted with candy. I will exercise tapas and find my positive outcome that I want so badly.

In honor of tapas here is a recipe that brings happiness and positivity!

Coconut Mango Green Smoothie

Bringing some summer sun to this cold deary weather

Bringing some summer sun to this cold deary weather

2c of spinach
4 mango spears
1 cup of low calorie vanilla coconut milk
1 tbsp ground flaxseed
1/2 banana
6 ice cubes
1/4 c cold water

Image (24)


Place all ingredients except spinach into blender.

Image (25)

place on liquify

place on liquify