make your morning better part (1): granola

Nothing makes my mornings better than a delightful breakfast, a workout at the gym, and great walk with my dog. One of my favorite breakfasts is a homemade parfait! I use 0% vanilla Chobani Greek Yogurt, homemade granola, and a ton of fruit. I have finally perfected the granola using a few different techniques. I can now rest because the texture and distribution of cinnamon is exceptional. Take a chance… try the recipe.. and make your breakfasts better, ha!

Healthy Homemade Granola


1/4 c of raisins, cranberries, slivered or slices almonds

cinnamon – use as much or as little as you like. I probably put a little more than a tbsp

1 tsp- ground ginger

1 tsp- vanilla extract

3 c uncooked oats (buy the off brand, you’ll save money and it tastes the same)

2 cups rice crispy cereal (buy the off brand, you’ll save money and it tastes the same)

6 tbsp of honey (We bought locally produced honey from a near by farm and you can really taste the difference. If you can obtain such honey I highly recommend it.)

1/4 c of apple juice

1 tsp of canola oil


Heat oven to 350 and mix oats and crispies together in a large baking dish.  Place dish in oven and let bake for 10 minutes.

keep this bowl close.. you are going to need it later.

turn oats once while in the oven

While the oats are baking prepare your mixture. In another bowl mix together all the ingredients with the exception of the dried fruit and almonds. Mix well so that honey is dissolved.

heavy on the cinnamon but it was delicious!

Now here is the part where it is critical to follow directions! Once the 10 minutes are up spoon a small amount of the oats back into the large bowl and then spoon a small amount of mixture on top. Mix the liquid with the oats and repeat. The big part of this whole recipe is making sure all of the oats are coated. When it is evenly distributed you get a much crunchier granola mix. After, mix the whole batch, and spoon it back into the cooking dish. Then place almonds in dish and mix. Bake for additional 18 minutes, mixing the granola ever so often.

evenly coated

After the 18 minutes are up, take out your granola, add the dried fruit and place in an air tight container. Do not put the lid on the container until granola is cool.


bollywood on foster

This past Wednesday night Stephen and I decided to venture into the world of cooking Indian food from scratch. We recently have really taken to the cuisine and wanted to produce it in our own home. I researched healthy versions of the classic Palak Paneer and found one on an ipad app. Its interesting because there really was nothing that was unhealthy in the meal however, through my research I have found that traditionally made dishes are super heavy in fat. This recipe was extremely balanced and included: spinach, tomatoes, tofu, yogurt (we used 0% greek), spices, and onions. Naan is horrible for you hence why we did not originally purchase it, however I want to try and make my own next time. Cutting out the mass amounts of butter should help bring the fat content down.

Mike came over and helped me cook the meal while Stephen ran out for some last minute naan. The meal was made with love and tasted good too! Next time though I am going to cool it on the spices and add some red hot pepper flakes. I do have to say, for a first time try, we were proud.