The Little Goat

Being gluten free is awesome. I feel cleaner and haven’t had a rash in 2 months (this has not happened since 7th grade). However, when going out to eat being gluten free can be the pits. I love salads, I do, but when it is your only option it can be boring.

Chicago has so many amazing restaurants. When we stumble upon a restaurant with a gluten free menu I am elated. I feel the world is open to me. I begin considering eating things I would never eat just because I can. I end up choosing something like a salad but I do appreciate the option.

Recently Stephanie Izard of The Girl and The Goat opened a trendy diner in the West Loop. The decorum is perfect! A blend of 1960’s and 1970’s fixtures and design elements fused with 1950’s diner classics.

Stephanie Izard

Stephanie Izard

The menu is robust. But despite all of this, what’s even greater is that availability of gluten free options. I don’t udnersrand why more restaurants don’t follow Izard’s model and add a gluten free bun to their menu. It opens up the availability of items to consumers. Izard also offers a daily gluten free baked good (YES!).

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Lots of vegetarian options

Stephen and I recently went to The Little Goat on a Friday afternoon (which I recommend if you don’t want to wait for 2 hours). We were seated in a two person booth towards the back of the restaurant. The lighting in the space is divine! The ceiling is a giant sunlight which makes even the gloomiest of days seem bright.

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The wall paper is perfect!

We started off with drinks!

We started off with drinks!

Stephen ordered a mid day cocktail (hes so cute and fancy) and I began with a black coffee. I could not decide what I wanted because the options were endless. Veggie burgers with all types of toppings, baked goods, omelets, salads… I could eat them all! I decided to move out of my comfort zone and get an omelet (I rarely get eggs anywhere).

SPANISH OMELETTEcheddar . pickled peppers . masa chips . tomato . sour cream

cheddar . pickled peppers . masa chips . tomato .

Stephen got a veggie burger. He was super excited about it. He also got fried pickles and onions.

So cute.

So cute.

KOREANkimchee . bacon . egg . spicy mayo . squish squash roll

kimchee . bacon . egg . spicy mayo . squish squash roll

We topped our meal with a delicious shake. It was so fresh and yummy.

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