Surviving Florida Summer: How To Guide

It is HOT out. For the past week our air condition has been broken. My frizz is flying, Burt can’t catch a break and that sweat that creeps up at night has found a new home. Popsicles, watermelon and swimming pools sound fantastic to me at all times. Keeping in line with HEAT I recently submitted this post to A Breakfast Serial. Enjoy!

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Pre Global Guts Fiesta Outfit

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Surviving Florida Summer: How –to Guide

Activity #1 Global Guts

Materials Needed:
(1) two swim towels
(1) swimming pool
(2) donut floats
(1) raft
(3) kids

Step 1: Kid #1 uses raft to make large waves in pool- continue waves, even if body is tired.
Step 2: Kid #2 and Kid #3 place bodies in donut floats.
Step 3: On your mark, Kid #2 and Kid #3 swim through impending waves.
Step 4: First kid to end of deep end wins leg of global guts.
Step 5:  Winner takes towel, grabs each end of towel, place towel parallel to back (reference superman for further instructions).
Step 6: Raise towel overhead, run around pool, let towel wave in the air (close eyes and imagine towel is country of origin flag)

Activity #2 Fiddler on the Roof

Materials Needed:

(1) boom box
(1) Fiddler on the Roof featuring Zero Mostel tape
(2)  towels (schmatas)
(1) swimming pool
(2) kids

Step 1: Place fiddler on the roof tape into boom box
Step 2: Fast forward tape to “Matchmaker.”
Step 3: Kid #1 and Kid #2 take towel, wrap towel around head… leaving only face exposed (reference babushka doll for further instructions).
Step 4: Press play
Step 5: Skip around pool, schmatas on heads, screaming Matchmaker

Activity #3 Maury

Materials Needed:

(1) box of bagel bites
(1) television
(2) kids

Step 1: Remove bagel bites from microwave
Step 2: Sit on ratty couch
Step 3: Turn on television; turn channel to Maury Povich show.
Step 4: Eat bagel bites
Step 5: Finish Maury, wait for Cheers