Hanukkah, done right!

“Ya know I hate this time of year… they got ALL the Christmas stuff on sale. All we got is this lousy kiosk… oh and don’t even get me started on the prices. Of course it’s the most expensive thing in the store.”- Old Jewish Woman at Michael’s craft store

While this quote is incredible and perfect for multiple reasons (mainly I love the whining), the woman has a point. Hanukkah decorations are definitely hard to come by and when you do finally find them, they are usually pretty ugly.  This year I decided to take Hanukkah into my own hands and make some of my own decorations because I wanted to celebrate the 8 days with a bit of style.  With a little inspiration, scrap book paper, and Matisyahu I am pretty satisfied with our decorations!

I try to keep our blackboard up to date.

We are trying to transition our tree to blue and silver. Right now we only have silver balls. However, I am a complete sucker for big vintage bulbs. “Happy Hanukkah” banner is from Target (2.99).

Dreidel Banner: Scrap book paper, twine, scissors, tape

I drew the dreidels and letters free hand. You can easily make stencils by printing images off the computer. I selected a variety of paper with blue hues. I taped the tips of the dreidels to twine and hung the banner with tape. I covered the tape with cut out Stars of David.


  • dark glittery blue
  • blue and white polka dots
  • white and blue snowflakes

Center Piece: clear vase, gelt, dove chocolates, silver ornaments

Hanukkah Party

I also tried to make some Hanukkah themed food! And of course… a Jewbread house building competition!


(See below pictures for recipes)

Cranberry Bliss Bars (Starbucks knock offs)


Assorted Cheese

Chocolate Dreidels


Image (4)

The Spread

Image (3)

Cranberry Bliss Bars- heavenly

Image (1)

Chocolate Dreidels

Image (5)


Image (2)Hard at work on our houses!


Thank you Geltfiend for making an awesome Hanukkah sweater!


Cranberry Bliss Bars



  • 6 eggs (whipped)
  • Trader Joes frozen hash browns (3/4 of bag)
  • 3 tbs grated onion
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 3 tbs salt

Beat eggs by itself and then mix all ingredients together. Heat peanut oil on high and fry patties until golden brown. Serve with ketchup  sour cream and apple sauce.

Chocolate Dreidels:

Break pretzel stick and inset into marshmallow. Melt milk chocolate chips (microwave slowly, dont burn!). Take a bit of the melted chocolate and use it to adhere the hershey kiss to the bottom of the marshmallow. Drip dreidels in melt chocolate and viola!