The mother load.

I have been creating. I have been taking pictures. I have been scatter brained. I have not been posting.

I have a ton of pictures I have taken but haven’t put up because some are incomplete sets or I don’t have time.

But tonight, they will all be posted. Yes… I can feel how much excitement there is.

Peanut Butter Banana Cupcakes

(With chocolate frosting (which isnt pictured))

pre peanut butter mixture

mix until paste like

roll into individual balls on wax paper

meanwhile, make banana cupcake mixture

place a spoon of batter into cupcake holders

place pb inside batter

spoon and cover balls with remaining batter

bake and viola! We made chocolate icing to top off these guys. Super delicious.

Fancy Granola

My new granola is made with a peanut oil mixture. Its very sweet and delicious.

mixing while pouring makes the granola so evenly crunchy, I am obsessed.

dried apples and raisins to top it off!

Other things Ive made recently:

Cream Cheese Ice cream with Carrot Cake chunks (approved by work)

Baked Apple Pie Sorbet

I took pictures while doing both of these but for some reason only took pictures of part of the process.

Stephen bought a few new cookbooks. One of them is an ice cream book and its great. I got the sorbet recipe out of it. Check it out.

I want to cook more and blog more. This is a goal.